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Multi Purpose Cleaner is a natural & organic disinfectant cleaner for any washable surfaces. Including glass, mirrors (spray cloth not glass or mirror for best result), stainless steel, oven/stove tops and hoods, counter tops, microwaves & all appliances, walls, tile, floors, doors, painted surfaces, sinks, granite & marble, upholstery and more.   If it is dirty, use this cleaner, you will be amazed at the results. PLUS it is concentrated and ready to use.


Nice refreshing and clean scent, you will love! Safe for the environment,  home and pets.  Keep away from children.  



2 sizes:  32 oz is ready to use and Refill (must add 32 ozs of water in separate spray bottle) 


Natural & Organic Ingredients: Distilled or Filtered water, Grain Alcohol, Castile Soap, Rosemary, Sweet Orange & Lemongrass Essential Oils - No added color - 32 ozs  Vegan 

Multi Purpose Cleaner with Rosemary & Citrus

SKU : SPClean
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