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June 3, 2022

Hi Candy,I just want to share that I LOVE your Bite no More spray.  I love the smell, the oil spreads nicely and feels good on my skin and best of all so far, the bugs do not like it! I was alittle bit afraid of the lemongrass because that is a scent that we use to attract bees to a new hive and also put it in their sugar water that we supplement.  However, the bees are leaving me alone.  Now to see if the hornets and yellow jackets will do the same.  No mosquito bites or ticks this year so far, keep my fingers crossed.  Thank you for another excellent product.

- Marie Kelly

May 6, 2022

Love love love the products!

Also, love that I get them so quickly.

The prices are right, the products work fantastic, and you get them so quickly. What more could a girl ask!!




March 21, 2022

Candy, Hi, it's me Lin Fusco, I have to tell you how fast your Organic Calendula Salve cleared up an annoying cold sore on my face, near my bottom lip. Noticed it Friday night, put the salve on Sat. & Sun. Gone, I mean it's dried up. I got instant relief.



December 10, 2021

 I just wanted to let you know that I absolutely love the tea tree shampoo! No more itchy head. I am going to try the conditioner and after shower lotion next. thanks for introducing these products to me at your soap making class.

Marie Kelly


August 11. 2021

I wanted to thank you for your assistance with choosing products for my recent ‘bout with cellulitis and give you an update.
I got a bite on July 4th. It wasn’t until July 9th that I was diagnosed with cellulitis, because I was originally misdiagnosed with shingles. Before the infection ended, the inflammation wrapped almost totally around my leg at the knee. It had turned purple and skin was beginning to peel in some places.Using the salve and after shower cream you recommended seemed very effective. There was two days I missed using the cream due to travel and the dry skin returned, so I knew it was making a difference. Now it is really difficult to tell that I ever had an infection.
Again thanks for your help and your products, 



August 1, 2021

Hi Candi,

I absolutely loved the body scrub you made for me. It put me in a good mood today!

Thanks so much!




July 26, 2021

This is the most amazing product. (Calendula Salve)

I have used it for years on every possible body part. I finally am scraping the last residue off the container and

am so glad to have found it again!! 

Michele F.



Hi Candy,

I just love, love, love your products. Thank you so much for going above and beyond in making the doggie wash that I wanted!! I truly appreciate all you do in making safe and healthy skincare products, not only for people, but for our pets as well. The world is a better place because of people like you!


Mary L.






"OMG!! Your products are amazing. After 1 night I am soothed. So is my husband. I have severe eczema and granuloma annular.  And I’m moving to AZ! This will work soooo much better than the steroids we’ve been on for years! I will let every dermatologist know about you! I will be ordering a lot!! Thank you for saving our skin! My BFF Donna Marie was right, you are the best!"

- Amy




The “Itch No More” Cream has been a Miracle Cream! I had a drug reaction that presented with body rashes that itched intensely! I get much longer relief from the Itch No More cream then I do from my prescription steroid cream!

Debra S.




Hi Candy,

Thank you so much for getting these wonderful products out to me so quickly. I just received them at my door a bit ago and can’t wait to use the serum and your new face cream tonight. I have purchased the serum before and love it. I did try the new camel body/hand cream I ordered as I couldn’t wait because my hands are so dry right now. It has really made them feel soft.

Thank you and wishing you a great evening!

Take care,





After shower Extra Moisturizing Cream.....this product is worth its weight in gold.  Tried every type of cream from OTC to prescription.  Nothing ever worked.  UNTIL I tried this.  It is the best.....can't live without it.


Thank you.....Mike R




My order arrived today, and everything looks great! I’m giving some of the body butters and scrubs as gifts, but keeping some too – have already tried the frankincense and just love it. Love the love pendant too, thank you J


Your products are beautiful, and you’re so nice to work with. I so wish I’d waited a day and not added to the holiday shipping stress!


Merry Christmas to you too, take care and stay safe -






Hey Candy! My Husband is obsessed (also a red head) and wants to try everything. :). I told him baby steps. But he burnt one of the candles and “forced” me to order more. Your products are such high quality, and very affordable! Love it!

Kayla G.




Candy, Firstly, you are a remarkable person! Knowledge of all types of skin issues. I have been using your all natural products for over five years, started out with After Shower cream, dry patches of dry skin have disappeared. My go to each day is your Day Face Lotion and Whipped Healing Night cream. My skin is definitely softer and not dry. I enjoy all of your natural soaps, coconut being my favorite. Itch No More Itch is a quick relief to minor skin irritations. I pass on to many your website, keep up your good work, stay well, Linda




Hi Candy!
I I’ve used the baby wash on my daughter since she was little and my son now as well who is even more sensitive

than she was and it’s great on his skin.




Hi Candy,  I just want to let you know that I think about you often and hope all is well with you and yours. Thank you for all your wonderful products. I’m still madly in love with them. Stay happy and healthy.

Susan K



Good morning Candy,
I have used the after shower cream now for 2+ years and will not trust my skin to any other product. Recently I recommended it to my

sister for some skin issues. I spoke to her this weekend and she is using a number of your products for her face and skin and loves them.

She gave some of the after shower cream to her daughter, the eczema on her daughter’s, ages 1 and 3, has cleared up.
I just ordered with the July sale more of the after shower cream as I am on my last container. So glad the Walmart pharmacist

recommended your products to me 2 years ago. My skin is very grateful as well. Thank you for a great natural product line.
Bonnie Clemmer




"I’m so happy I found these products! The After Shower Extra Moisturizing Cream is a game changer! I have keratosis pilaris which causes rough red bumps on my upper arm. I’ve tried dermatologist recommended creams, but nothing has worked as fast and as well as this product. After the first use I noticed the redness decreased.

The “Itch No More” has been a lifesaver for me during the summer months. Soothes and takes the itch away immediately. 10/10 would recommend these products!"

-Julie M.



Hi Candy, I recently ordered some of the gsl products I used to love and I'm so glad I did,

nothing I've used since then has felt so good on my skin. Thank you! And I hope you are doing well!

Julia Sturgis 



HI! I just wanted you to know that I love your Calendula Salve! I have had a pesky rash for months and the Cream is SO helpful! My daughter also uses it! I also LOVE your face creams! My skin glows everyday!

Sondra Weidman




Every time I see the whipped healing night cream I just get excited because I know it's like a tall drink of water for my skin. My face has never stayed so radiant! I love how the serum supports battling my fine lines and how simple the shea butter facial soap is to use whether I'm at home or traveling. The scalp oil and after shower lotion are the first things that have actually made my psoriasis stop itching in years! Thank you so much Candy for creating such healthy solutions for all my skin needs! I can't wait to see what you will develop next :-)

Thank you again! 

Susanne Flood


This product changed my life! I have been having horrible issues with my face, I have been to the Dr after Dr. On prescription after prescription, and nothing worked. Then I met Candy, she introduced me to Calendula Salve, it helped my issues within 3 days. I couldn't believe it! I will never stop using this product!!!!

Deb Henderson


 Hi Candy, 

I just wanted to share my mom’s reaction to your products. I gave the after shower lotion too ( “the one that doesn’t smell that good” LOL) and she is amazed by how well it works too. Thanks for making such great products!

"Love love love the lotions you gave me. The stuff that doesn't smell that good is amazing. My cracked and sore hands were back to normal in one use. And my feet are better today. My big toe was so dry and scaly; not any more. Also the after shower lotion smells so nice.

Thank you again. " 

Tammie M



Hi Candy,

 I just wanted to say thank you!  Steve has found great relief from his itchy skin since using

the after shower cream and the calendula soap.  He uses it twice a day!  We are both so happy!   


Thank you again!

Sue  M


I LOVE your body butter(s) so much, I also use your face lotion almost everyday,

i haven't run out just yet, but when I do Ill be back.

The itch no more product works so well for my skin also,

thank you so much for all of these lovely products!

Katelyn K.



"Itch NO More is the best bug bite treatment"

Rose Marie G


"Timeless" This is a great product!!
I alternate this cream with Whipped Healing Night Cream and Stunning! 
I love them ALL!!!! 

"Stunning" I love this product!!!!!
After I put it on, my face glows!
I can feel the nourishment seeping into my pores!
Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Calendula Salve" I Love this Salve! I use it for everything! Bee stings, any little rash or burn, facial lines, you name it! I just got the small tube for travel! Thank you for such excellent products!!

Sondra W.


I LOVE the after shower moisturizer!! I will never use anything else ever again - it has cured my problem dry skin areas and feels so wonderful. Thank you Candy for making this product!! Just visited my cousin in Florida and left some with her to try.

Margaret C.


I purchased the After Shower Cream for a friends grandson. She loved it. It worked immediately and because of the ingredients she knew it was safe. The last thing she tried on him made their lips numb when they kissed the baby. I’m sure you will have another customer.

Priscilla B.

Candy, you had sent, as a gift, the calendar salve stick. My son, who has very sensitive skin and constant problems with his lips, said it is the best lip balm he has tried for his problem. Thank you. Also, in my last order I tried your Organic Vapor Balm. It is fantastic. I use it every night whether I need it or not. It even calms me down and helps me sleep. I usually have sinus problems but this seems to keep it at bay. Also, love your deodorant. No irritation and works well.
​Marion M.



I've been using your herbal deodorant for years. During a recent move, I ran out and tried a few different organic blends I found. Nothing worked the same. My biggest problem was when I wear synthetics (which honestly isnt all that often.. but) I gave CANDY a call, and ordered several to stock up. I won't be without this again!

Jana S.



I have been using the Shear Butter Soap and the Day Face Lotion daily for a few years now....prior to use I was constantly on different medications for for rosacea and could not seem to find one that either worked or was safe to use long term. Since using these 2 GSL products I no longer need any kind of medication, and my rosacea is all but cleared up....people do not believe I have it. I recommend these products to anyone with skin issues!

Sarah D.



I love the Calendula Salve ! I’ve had problems in cold weather where my fingers have the most painful little splits at the nails. When I use this product twice a day, the splits don’t surface !

Ruth C.



"Stunning" Love this product! Makes my skin look and feel a little younger than it is😊!

Katharine S.



I couldn't find a solution for my daughter's scalp eczema 3 months after born pediatrics didn't help. This after shower did the job perfectly since then she never had any problems it is very amazing.


I ordered the Stunning Serum and hand and body lotion. There were two minor issues when the products arrived. I contacted GSL Organics and they immediately send me a replacement for each product, along with a bar of soap and mini lotion, free of charge. The hand and body lotion is a great moisturizer and doesn't leave me feeling greasy after using it and the Stunning Serum has my face looking brighter and feeling softer. I started using this company because of the quality of their products. I've since learned that they hold their customer service to the same high standards and I am now a dedicated customer.
Kirsten P.

After Shower Extra Moisturizing Cream
Best stuff ever!
My family uses it on all kinds of problem areas.
Soothing, healing.  We love it!
    Margo D.

Suppressed my coughing and Saved my voice!! Thank you!!!
(Organic Vapor Balm)
Selina M.

great products my doctor was impressed with the way it worked and wanted to know were i got it
(Day Face Lotion & Whipped Healing Night Cream for Rosacea)
philip s.

This is the only product that heals my dry cracked painful hands during the winter months and my eczema.
(After Shower Extra Moisturizing Cream)
Ryan F.

I had a jar in my closet and forgot all about it. Starting using it a month ago and now ordered a fresh jar. I am 65 yrs old and my skin is EXCELLENT and soft. No more blemishes either. I just love this Whipped Healing Night creme!!!! Also am using the shea butter soap. My skin feels soft and clear!
Elvira M F.

Your products have been a Godsend to me. I’m a professional singer, and this Vapor Balm clears me out and soothes me! It helps with sleep, relaxes your neck, opens your sinuses, suppresses coughing, softens your skin, prevents nasal peeling from tissue abrasion, etc, etc. I can’t wait to try your other items!
​Selina M.

I have finally found a product (your Organic Calendula Salve) that heals my (mostly winter) finger cracks. I now use it daily as a preventative & it works !
Ruth C.

 I have found the only moisturizer I will ever need. Thank you Candy!!  ​(Timeless - Mature Skin Moisturizer)
Leighanne K.

Healing Peppermint Foot Cream is fantastic and essential to winter survival. It smells so fresh, absorbs immediately into skin, leaving my heels so smooth. Actually, I can no longer be without it and I use it all year round.... it keeps my feet soft and looking you get in sandals. I love this product!
Keara H-W

GSL products are wonderful, without additives and treat my skin with love. And they seem to last forever.
Beverly M.

There isn't anything with the GSL Organics name that isn't top notch! I'm a "distributor" of one of those hotsy totsy EOs that have special names for their blends. They have zero, ziltch, nada over GSL's essential oil blends. Plus Candy is a certified aromatherapist. The blends she makes are akin to what comes out of her kitchen. Mouth-watering, delectable. "Stimulate Me" did exactly that! I had to be up extra early to travel last week-- I may as well have stayed up all night. I put a few drops of "Stimulate Me" on my lava bead bracelet and inhaled while driving to the airport. Once at the airport I automatically bought an extra large cup of coffee. I was about half way done with my coffee and felt very sleepy. Duh! "Stimulate Me" to the rescue. Pulled the bottle out and put in on my wrists and began writing emails and reading a book. Didn't nod off and was so alert the flight attendants asked me if I wanted to work with them! Thank you again, Candy!
Judy F.

My aunt lives in the area and had bought this cream for her grandson. She says it’s the only thing that works for his eczema. When she found out my baby has horrible eczema she sent me some. It was amazing! His full body rash was gone in two weeks. He had open weepy spots you never even knew were once there. 

When I ran out of the cream I didn’t order more right away because he looked so good! I wasn’t sure if his eczema was gone or if the cream was just doing such a good job of keeping it under control. Turns out it was the cream is just that awesome! 

I ordered more online and it was delivered quickly with a note inside. I will only put this cream on my baby from now on. And have told others how great it is! I wish i could post the before and after pictures. Worth every penny and then some! 
Thank you GSL Organics!!!
Melissa S. 

Not only is this (After Shower Extra Moisturizing Cream) product great quality! Their delivery is always on time and never a day late! Very reliable all the way around. From product quality to punctual service! So thankful to have GSL Organics!
I highly recommend them to all of my family and friends!
Nancy M.

I was buying this Body Butter for a gift but when I smelled it I decided to keep it for myself. It is wonderfully moisturizing....
and even lasting until the next morning.
Debra D.

Just received my second bottle of your Day Face Lotion! Several months ago, my daughter and I had acupuncture appointments together. Afterward, my acupuncturist asked if I had any questions. "Yes," I said, "what do you use on your skin? It's amazing!" We laughed at my question, and then she told me her secret - GSL Organics Anti Aging Day Face Lotion. I was so impressed with her skin that when we left the office, we headed straight over to Green Street Organics and I purchased a bottle. About a month later, I sent my daughter a photo from my smart phone. (She lives in CO.) She replied, "I can tell you're using your new lotion! Now YOUR skin looks amazing!" Enough said! (Wish you still had your brick and mortar store, but I get it. I'm so glad you are online!)
Beverly F.

I love the After Shower Extra Moisturizing Cream. It works terrific on psoriasis. I’ve been using it for over 5 years now. I don’t know what I’d do without it. Thank you Candy. ❤️
Maryetta B.

The after shower extra moisturize cream, changed our lives for the best.My daughter's eczema is completely gone!! It's amazing.
Nancy M.

I stumbled upon this (After Shower) cream from a FB friend. I decided to give it a try with the hubs who suffers from mild Folliculitis and the kids that suffer from eczema. What a huge difference it’s made in just one use. Of course, I don’t expect it to work miracles from one day to another but I definitely see a change. We will definitely be using this product from now on.
Jessie V.

I really like the shampoo very much. It has a wonderful scent, and I feel better using a product without all of the harsh chemicals.
Patricia C.

I really love the After Shower Extra moisturizing Cream. I have seen great results in my skin, it is looking smooth and soft again! The crepey dry skin is going away!
Kathy S.

My son loves the after shower cream and has already noticed improvement after less than a few days of use. He likes how it feels on his skin and I haven’t had to pester him to use it. Thank you for making such a great product.
Audra R.

Truly this (After Shower) cream is fantastic!!! I cried with the scaly dried skin that actually hurt. I had creams all over my counter that didn’t work and were greasy. One day while looking through the creams on Etsy I came over this 1 pound jar and decided to try it. Well to my surprise it truly worked. I have soft skin !!!!!! And as I continue to use it my skin gets better and better and need less and less. I can’t be without it. Try it. You will be glad you did.
Joanne E.

This product (After Shower Extra Moisturizing Cream) cleared up a skin condition two dermatologist were treating with steroids and which was showing no progress. After 8 to 9 trips to two doctors with no results the situation is clear thanks to this product.
Edward D.

Love this Exfoliance facial cleanser! A little bit goes a long way- face is smooth and glowing after washing!
Katharine S.

All of your products feel so wonderful on my skin. I've found that when I travel, friends are always borrowing my 'healthy' lotions!
Melany R. 

I do have to tell you that using the whipped healing night cream for the past 3 nights is really making a difference. I have rosacea, and seborrheic dermatitis, and since I started menopause, they have come back with a vengeance! My skin has become super sensitive to most products. I found a recommendation for your products on my facebook rosacea page. I'm so glad I did! Does anyone use the night cream as a day cream also? I have used the day cream yesterday and today. I'm trying to give my skin about a week without makeup to try and heal somewhat. With your products alone, I am noticing that my skin isn't as blotchy. The color is evening out. I have a few veins that show near the bottom of my cheeks by my jawbone, so I ordered the cream for that also.
Thank you so much for your response!
What a wonderful company you have! 
The customer service is the absolute best!
​Tracy C.

You Multi Purpose Cleaner is Excellent. Would be lost without it. Works beautifully on my wood dining table to remove olive oil and grime after meals.  Use it also to clean my glass top stove.
Marion M.

(Shea Butter Soap)  Incredibly moisturizers game and gentle! I love it as my everyday facial cleanser!
Anne K.

I suffer from rosacea and severely sensitive skin and have a difficult time finding moisturizers that don’t irritate my face. Well, no more...I’ve found the perfect product, your Day Face Lotion! Not only is it gentle enough for my sensitive skin, it has helped my rosacea tremendously! I have no more bumps and the redness has disappeared completely! My face is now smooth and glowing! THANK YOU! I will be spreading the word about this amazing product!
Anne K.

I LOVE this exfoliating cleanser! It’s very gentle and moisterizing. It’s perfect for my super sensitive skin!
Anne K.

I suffer from severe eczema and I have tried everything on the market, including steroids. This after shower cream is by far the best treatment for me. Thank you for the helpful information card too.
Patricia S.

I love the after shower moisturizing cream! It goes on so smooth and feels very nourishing. It also smells like burnt sugar to me which I think is an added bonus:)
Veronica P.

Excellent product! Your Multi Purpose Cleaner keeps my shower glass squeaky clean and rooms smelling great. Love it❤️❤️❤️ 
Lana-Jay S.

Over the years I have tried many different moisturizing creams and lotions. This After Shower Extra Moisturizing Cream is far and away the very best. I went through the entire winter without any of the dry skin problems that are usual with cold weather.
Janet P.

I love this product! Your After Shower cream works wonders on very dry skin!
​Katie O.

I can never say enough great things about my GSL experience. I love it there and love the online accessibility.
​Tonya J.

We love your amazing products. For me, they’ve solved problems that standardized Western medicine couldn’t.
Even our dogs love your products
​Dawn I. 

Running low on my eczema SALVATION - your after shower moisturizer. I work as a nurse and started bringing it to work after someone asked me how I was able to keep my skin soft and intact. I cannot thank you enough - people used to ask me if I badly burned myself and now I don't have problems anymore. Really excited to try your winter set!! Wishing all of you a happy and successful new year!
Stefanie E.

I purchased the After Shower Extra Moisturizing Cream from your table at the Princeton Farmers Market. I bought it for my 6 year old daughter who suffers from eczema. So far this is the only cream that is very helpful, I am avoiding the steroid creams that the doctors have been prescribing her. I wanted to know when will you have a table in Princeton again? We are running very low on the cream and are in dire need of it.
Nancy McM.

I suffer from RA, I have to tell you that your After Shower Moisturizer is great! I have nodules on some of my fingers, I put it on at night and cover with a band aid (so it doesn't come off when I sleep) after only a few days it had reduced the inflammations at least 50% I am going to keep putting it on.

I stopped in to see the new store location and met Candy. So nice. I asked about the wrinkles and lines around my eyes. She took a look and showed me the hydrating & firming eye gel. She took a dab and explained how little to use and I've been using it almost a month. Yes. It works. People notice and so do I, thank you Candy. I also keep the card she enclosed with my purchase. I used the free diet suggestions at bottom. It all makes so much sense. Great shop and the personal service is a pleasure.
​Jeff D.

I bought one of their products for Eczema relief yesterday at the Red Bank Street Fair and I'm already seeing a major difference! It's better than any prescription/product that I've tried, and it has only been one day!
​Carrie Dawn

Good afternoon Candy, I wanted to let you know that I saw my dermatologist yesterday, I do keep up my medicine(cream) for flare ups of my rosacea. It has been two years on one tube, I used to fill it monthly. He could not believe how great my skin looked using your rosacea products. I didn't wear makeup to the appointment because I knew he would want to look close. He always asks if he could remove some of my makeup to see everything. Well he could not believe it and even pulled out his magnifying glass to see real close.He told me to keep up with what ever I am doing and he hopes to see me maybe in two years again or even longer if I keep up with what ever I am doing. I couldn't be happier. I never thought I could go without wearing makeup ever again. Thank you for all your hard work in making these products. Lots of love! Marlene

​Susan B.

I love everything about Green Street Luxuries! Their products are well made, reasonably priced and really work. The staff is very friendly, knowledgeable and accommodating. They are very generous with their frequent discounts. The store is a lovely place to visit, very peaceful and relaxing
Carolyn D.

I discovered this company from a TV segment about a year and a half ago and have been using them since. I like that the products are organic and produced in small batches in the U.S.
Kathleen K.

GSL is top notch! I've tried other naturally based deodorants before but none of them have ever held up. By the end of the day I was still a little stinky. But one try with GSL's deodorant and I am hooked for life! The deciding factor was when I went to the beach and did the "sniff test" halfway through the day and I still smelled great-no stinky pits.  GSL's other products are amazing as well – lip balm is incredible, clay mask makes my face feel so soft and clean, exfoliant facial cleanser is AWESOME...but, you will have to try for yourself to feel the amazing benefits!
Jennifer A.

My mom and I fight over the "stunning" serum, because it gives your face such a radiant glow! Everyone at the store is extremely helpful and will direct you to what will help your skin care needs. I have been using the deodorant for years now and it's the only deodorant that will last me all day. Thank you GSL! You saved my skin (and my moms)
​Antoinette S.

My boyfriend uses a product called organic calendula salve. He has been a diabetic since age 5. He uses this product for all types of healing on his skin and it works overnight. He would recommend this product to anyone
Sydra F. 

Hey candy! I just wanted to tell you my face looks absolutely AMAZING! I have NEVER had skin this nice. My breakouts are minimal and my skin just looks fantastic! About 6 months ago I started using ur products and JUST ur products. I use the shea soap, whipped night cream, serum and under eye cream. You can never stop selling these products never ever!
​Emily W.

I went in during First Friday in June and found a beautiful shop with friendly and helpful employees. I decided to go out on a limb and purchase the tea tree soap and a soap bag in hopes it would help with my body acne and facial acne. The soap alone has mad such a HUGE impact in such a short time. I will definitely be back!
​Lizzy N.

​Bite NO More, is a terrific product. I highly recommend it. We went on a nature walk this weekend and applied it according to your instructions. NO TICKS!!
​Rachael B.

I love the shop. I love the variety of organic items that you have for sale. I will definitely visit again. I'm in love with your body butter cream.
​Norma R. 

Thank-you so much, we found you at the Cranford, NJ street fair last year. Your product is the only lotion that helps our 2-year old sons eczema!
​Alex B.

I LOVE your Stunning Serum and I have spider veins, I was reading an article about a cream that helps them. Before I went to work I put a little of the Stunning on the area of the veins and they are fading away. I use it at night before bed and some are completely gone and the others are now fading. Thank you for this amazing product and be sure to tell your customers!
​Lora G.

I have been using GSL's products for some time now, and have always been satisfied with the quality. Everyone who has received them as gifts loves them and looks forward to getting them. Candy is so knowledgeable and genuinely cares about her customers and her products. The passion shows!
​Irene C.

Hey Candy, I use the stunning serum and the firming eye gel. I have very sensitive skin and break out easy. These two products along with the shea butter soap work amazing.  Thank you.
Emily W.

I read through the most recent email, you had an article about your MultiPurpose Cleaner. I had to say something. I absolutely LOVE this cleaner. First, it smells so good, fresh and CLEAN. Second, it really works. It leaves no streaks on the glasstop stove. None on windows. And I use it to clean the cat bowls because I know it's completely safe and even if the rinse isn't perfect (I hate suds left on dishes), it won't harm and won't make the cat walk away. It cuts grease and grime. I really wasn't sure if I was making a good-value purchase when I bought it but should have known better. I have loved everything from your line.
Karen DM

I just love this stuff! Every single product is a winner. I have purchased online and in the store. I'll never go back to the products I used to use. You won't either once you try theirs.
​Stella S.

​Best, cleanest, most innovative store in the area!
Kelly H.

Great products :) went without them for a few months and regretted it! they are the best. I have problem skin and nothing has ever helped it until I found their tea tree soap and spot treatment and face wash. A++
​Katie O.N.

I am still "in the glow" from my facial on Friday. Thank you, Candy, for offering a place of natural products and peaceful, loving pampering! A special shoutout to Lindsay for the amazing care and love she gives in her facials.
Donna B.

I just bought your calendula salve. Within a day the split corners of my fingers were relieved from the pain associated with these cuts because of the amazing healing qualities of this product ! Thanks !
Ruth C.

I love their products!! For the first time I have found a lotion/cream that helps my sons skin! I also love their version of the menthol chest rub. It is the best thing for colds!!!
Jennifer S.

Recently I visited Green Street Luxuries for the first time. Upon entering this beautiful shop I felt a warm, inviting atmosphere. Candy explained the best product suited for my particular dry skin. Her knowledge is vast. Within a few days I noticed a remarkable difference. Pleased not only with the results, glad knowing that all natural ingredients are used.
I'm looking forward to a facial :) Linda K. F.

Everything I have purchased from GSL has been top notch. I won't use any other deodorant and if you want aluminum out of your products, use GSL's deodorant. Another favorite is the body butter - any flavor. :) It simply melts into the skin. Lovely!
Karen Del M.

If you're looking for natural, effective skin care products to try, stop here! I've been using these products for a year and a half and I cannot live without them. My acne prone skin is greatly improved by using the Tea Tree soap and Acne Spot Treatment. I appreciate that along with great products you also get informational cards that suggest diet changes to aid your skin issue. Overall Green Street Luxuries is a wonderful establishment offering unique products and amazing spa services!
Heather S.

I Ordered the salve for a good friend who had sore patches for 2 years from medication. The salve is HEALING them!
Elvira F.

I've been dealing with cystic acne for the past year. I was dealing with a break out of 5 cysts under the surface of my skin with no sign of surfacing or clearing. With one use of GSL's acne wash (accompanied with some Tea Tree Soap) I was relieved of 3 of the 5 cysts on my face! Within about one week I am break out free and leaving the house without make up for the first time in two months.
Their services are great, I had and amazing facial with Lindsay!
Thank you Candy and her wonderful staff:)
​Natasha M.

Candy, I always have a pleasant experience at your shop. it's a warm and welcoming place- atmosphere and people!
​Tara M.

I love your amazing products. Feel so good on my skin. 
Karen B.

Just ordered the calendula salve for a friend. Was telling the rep how your products helped my daughter. In Oct her face was all messed up. Scabs and peeling skin. Doctor put her on emergency steroid. I ordered soap and creme etc. In ONE night her face started healing and continued to do so. Took it to her doctor to show him that this worked as the steroids DID not.
​Elvira F.

Green Street Luxuries make the best natural and holistic skin care products that I've ever used. My skin is incredibly sensitive and I've struggled for years to find products that wouldn't cause irritation or an allergic reaction. I found my salvation at GSL. I cannot say enough positive things about their products.
The spa services at GSL are the best that I've ever experience. From facials to massages, the whole experience is luxurious and relaxing. This is the first spa where I've become a regular client.
Amanda H.

I just have to share! I just washed my face with Exfoliance Radiance from Green Street Luxuries. My face feels AMAZING. Shameless plug for my good friend Candy St. Martine-Pack and her awesome products, but I can't help myself. If you don't use this product you don't know what you are missing!
Mary F.

Love GSL products! My favorite face regimen is using the Shea Butter Face Soap and the Stunning and/or Day cream.
Emily H. T.

Thankful for your wonderful products this After Shower Extra Moisturizing Cream is clearing up the dry itchy patch I had on my hand it was driving me crazy. Just a few Applications of your product has it almost gone Thank You! you to have a wonderful day!

Thank you for the speedy shipment! We have already been using the After Shower Extra Moisturizing Cream and it's fantastic :]
Veronica U.

Love Green Street Luxuries and the lovely ladies that work there. I cannot say enough about Candy and her products. Everyone should try the products. You will see a visible difference in no time!!
Cathy H.

First time at GSL. Loved the place and people. They took the time to explain everything and were not pushy in the least. They were so great i brought my granddaughter the next day to get her started.
​Joan C.

Candy knows her stuff. After trying numerous creams (some prescription) without any improvement I was recommended to go to Green Street Luxuries and my eczema is gone!! Plus the waxing services are virtually painless. Thank you!!
​Chrisy F.

One of the best products on planet earth. After Shower Extra Moisturizing Cream
Robbin L.

OMG, am loving the scent of my new Jasmine and Amaranth candle and adore the after shower extra moisturizing cream. I've never experienced such a luxurious softness and healing without feeling like an 'oil-slick.' This is a must-have for anyone with dry skin, eczema, and or dermatitis. Also wanted to say, that ingredients of quality do not come cheap. However your formulas seem to be designed for maximum value and efficacy. As someone with a limited, fixed income. I so really appreciate that.
Tonya P.J.

This is great Candy, so proud of how much you have done for a community of people suffering with skin disorders that feel they had no voice....until now. Well Done!
​Kimberly G. H.

Thanks to the great products at GSL, you could never tell that I have had a cold for the last few days. I have been using the After Shower Moisturizing Cream on my face to help with the redness around my nose and the chocolate lip balm throughout the day to help prevent chapped lips. Lastly,  the vapor rub has been wonderful with clearing up the chest congestion.
Lorraine S.

Your products are the only ones that keep my eczema at bay! Thank you!
​Seamus M.

I love the Exfoliance Radiance & Facial Cleanser and the deodorant!!
Ashley S.

I love Green Street Luxuries! My husband had an itchy rash on the inside of his ankle for at least 18 months. Candy recommended the Calendula salve, and within ...a week, it was gone! We had tried everything including steroidal creams, bacterial creams, aloe vera, but this was the only thing that worked!
We travel internationally and have found that their insect repellant and product for itching are excellent.
Candy is so passionate about helping people!
Kathi P.

Candy is very knowledgeable and willing to explain exactly what goes into each product and why. I've searched high and low for years to find products that won't irritate my eczema prone skin, and have found more than one option at green street luxuries. the pumpkin soap and salt scrub are just 2 of my now favorite items. keep it up candy, you go girl!  I will never not recommend candy and her awesome staff to anyone who asks.
Joanna R.

Love love the products, my daughter was suffering with eczema and I spoke with candy and used all her recommendations and my daughter is no longer suffering with eczema:)
Sara M.

Starting the new year off right by treating my skin to some After Shower Extra Moisturizing Cream. A little goes s long way and lasts all day long.
Lorraine S.

GSLs calendula salve is good for almost anything. I scar from insect bites and not only does the salve fade the scar, in the meantime it calms my skin so no itchiness! It's a miracle like all GSL products!
Judy S.

I love your products, I've been using them for a few years now since I tried on your cream at a farmer's market in Phoenixeville and all day long people were telling me they wish they had nice skin like mine. I use exfoliance and your day cream, and after lending it to my neighbor she uses your exfoliance and your serum! Wonderful products.I recently had knee surgery and use arnica for the bruising - I am just about to purchase your product but also am wondering - can I use your calendula salve on my fresh scar (sutures have been removed)? Thanks :) Stefanie E.

YES, Stefanie you can, our Organic Calendula Salve has AMAZING Healing properties! thank you for your review, Candy

I love your products! When I went to my dermatologist she noticed that my skin was
much better and wanted to know what I was doing different. I told her about the after shower moisturizing cream and she wanted your website.
Kathleen O.

Love all their products. Candy's commitment and dedication to helping people look and feel better goes without saying.
Faye C.

GSL is a cozy getaway offering top-of-the-line quality organic products and luxurious services to make for a true mind-body experience. The staff is professional and extremely knowledgeable about their craft. The owner has been honing this craft for 20+ years developing products that provide true healing to the skin. Lindsay is incredibly talented offering a facial that is highly cleansing while immensely relaxing. I can not say enough about this rare and hidden gem!
Brittany M.

I have been using the "Exfoliance Radiance & Facial Cleanser" for about a week now and I've noticed a complete change in my skin's texture. I have semi-oily acne prone skin and normally my skin texture is very lumpy and bumpy but that has completely changed since I started using this product everyday. I highly recommend this to anyone because I've been fighting face demons for most of my teens and now into adult hood and I saw and felt intimidate results. I will be back for the facial moisturizer as well.
Rebecca Rose H.

From the moment I walked into Green Street Luxuries I was greeted very warmly. Candy was there to answer questions and help me with product suggestions. Which made me want to return and buy more of their products. When candy wasn't there i was greeted by her just as knowledgeable and helpful staff members. I have recently started using their spa services and now make it a monthly visit to take part in this wonderful service. The massage therapists are just as patient, helpful and kind as Candy and the rest of her staff. I would recommend Green Street Luxuries to anyone looking for great natural local body care products and looking for some great spa services. Jessica N.

Candy, I just tried out the deodorant today to see how I liked it. OMG it's amazing!!!
​Lydia W.

Hi Candy! So my brother LOVES the tea tree soap & after shower cream! Within 4 days his knees showed drastic improvement! He is so happy!! And thank you for the extras! (soaps & exfoliating them!)
Jenn A.

On 9/14 this message was on GSL's Instagram I am thrilled to share with you . . . "I finally found something for my wife's eczema! This cream has healed her flare up in less than a week and half. I got this a while back in a beauty sub box. I found it when I was decluttering, so I told my boo to use it. The heat really did a number on her hands and her fingers were literally raw, bloody and flaky.... Didn't expect much from it since we have tried so many products for eczema, BUT OMGOSH this cream has been helping so much, so I had to share our experience with you. IF you suffer form eczema, psoriasis, or any extreme skin condition try this out. We need to try more of this brand, they got lots of other products." 

I had a wonderful massage and facial at your store on Sunday. Thank you. I purchased the Calendula salve and it has already done wonders on healing an old chicken pox scar/acne scar on my cheek - smoother and flatter after only days.
Charlotte L.

Green Street: a most luxurious destination!
I am a woman, 55 years, with some wrinkles and fine lines. and lackluster skin. after a 1 hr. facial-the products adjusted to my particular needs-MY FACE LOOKED FRESHER, GLOWING! -even my husband said so- FYI GSL: thou art a gem
MaryAnn G.

Great products :) went without them for a few months and regretted it! they are the best. I have problem skin and nothing has ever helped it until I found their tea tree soap and spot treatment and face wash. A++
Katie O.

You are awesome! I ordered late last night and package was ready for shipping before the birds woke up! Big hugs! 
​Judy Ann S.

After using the tea tree oil shampoo for about a week, we threw out all of our other shampoos and conditioners. We absolutely love it.
​Jamie H.

The Tea Tree Oil shampoo is absolutely amazing! I've been using it for about 3 months now, and my hair has never looked ...better. I have very thin fine hair and most shampoos are too heavy and strip my hair of essential oils, which in turns makes my hair very oily. This is the perfect balance and has made my hair grow very quickly. I've gotten many comments about how long my hair has gotten.

I have also tried the After Shower Extra Moisturizing Cream for the eczema on my hands. After a few days of use, my hands are in much better condition.
​Alli G.

Hi Candy! I wanted to let you know, how amazing the product I purchased for my rosascea is. After the first use I noticed a drastic difference. You and Freddy are great, and I appreciate your help and I have been raving about it.
Sophia K.

This is my second purchase of your Stunning Serum and My 'turkey neck' is going away!!
Christina C. 

Thank you SOOO VERY MUCH.   I love your stuff!!!!! Hope to visit your store in the near future.  

My grandson had "hand, foot and mouth" rash.  Candy recommend her Calendula Salve, I am still over the top amazed at the healing power of the salve! Almost all cleared up! Wish i took a before photo you rock!
Kim W.

My skin glows when I use "Stunning" serum. Just amazing!
Thank you, Mary McK.

Candy I purchased the after shower cream for eczema a few weeks ago ...for my daughter. She had a few spots they are all gone. Just a few weeks after using your product. Was back at your store again to purchase another jar of the cream for my niece. Anyone that suffers with eczema do yourself a favor and try GSL after shower cream. It really works. Thanks,
Karen M.

Candy, thanks! I placed my first order to GSL a little over a month ago. I love these products. I was surprised how long the soap lasts and the deodorant smells wonderful! Both work great!
Nancy D.

Candy my daughter and I were at you store again. Love it. The after shower cream for the eczema worked. She loves it. I just purchased another jar for my niece she also suffers with eczema. Hope your feeling better day by day. Happy Mothers Day my friend.
Karen C.

Hi Candy, Loved visiting your shop and now I have to re-order. Love the products. By the way the essential oils for my mother's neuropathy are letting her get much needed rest! Love you for helping her! Happy Mother's Day
Susan G B.

Hello Candy and thank you very much for responding to my email.​
My mother (80 y.o.) has tried SO MANY therapies from 'natural' to heavy-hitting Rx first she thought they might help, only to have them fail after a couple of weeks.  So far, Mom has been getting some relief using your Neuropathy Oil.  This has enabled her to get 6 hours of sleep a night, which is far better than most nights. 
I appreciate you disclosing the ingredients so that I could double check them for safety.  I was familiar with all of them except for the helichyrsum oil, which I checked on Health Canada's Natural Product Ingredient Database. 
Thanks again, 
Felicia C

After Shower cream heals my eczema that I've had on my hands and feet for many years!!! My hands were normal this past winter! Absolutely love this product!
​Elizabeth S.

I have to share how impressed and amazed I am with the services that Candy offers at Green Street Luxuries. After suffering for months, and seeing many dermatologists--I was at my wits end. I was diagnosed with this and that...I was told to purchase this drug and that cream. I had no intention of putting anything on my skin that had that LONG line of horrible possible effects that could happen when using these expensive "cures". So, off I went to see Candy. She took one look at me, listened to my plight...and immediately offered me her solution. I have had 2 of the 3 recommended LED light treatments, and am using the CALENDULA salve, along with an oil she felt would help. Look t these results!! The peeling skin is gone, the redness is almost non existent, AND I am no longer in pain!! Call it magic, call it Candy the be the judge. I am THRILLED!

Sharon L.

FYI .. I have to tell you I purchased the Eczema cream for my Grandson!!! It's been 2 weeks and its Gone .. he is 15 and he no longer has to hide his arms and neck under clothing ..!!!! Thank you So much ..
Pat L.

I love these products and anytime I've contacted them with a question I've received a fast response and help with my question. The products smell like nature and go on so smoothly and absorb well. I look forward to using them each day and have had better, clearer skin while using. I highly recommend!
Kate V.

Thank you for your help in choosing products for my father's eczema condition. It was very informative and caring. I will let you know how it works out and I want to come back for a facial and try your anti-aging products soon.
Nancy F.

It is always a wonderful experience. People are so friendly and accommodating. Services are exceptional and products are outstanding.
Lynne C.

I loved my shopping experience with GSL Organics. The shipping is quick and the store provides good communication. So far I've been happy with the products, and I've purchased products as gifts for friends and they raved about them. Jen Congiliando

I found the headache relief EO that I bought from you! It's really helping my migraine go away! Thanks Candy Pack CA! Also, my skin has been really dry this winter and I've been using your Whipped Healing Night Cream both day and night. I have noticed the capillaries that were showing on my chin and cheeks are less visible and my skin looks better overall.
Allison M.

Great service and very knowledgable!
Shannon S.

Love ALL the products.... Only ones that don't irritate my skin!!!!
Jeanine M.

I absolutely love the eczema therapy soap and after bath cream that Candy made for my one year old daughter. It cleared ...up her eczema and has moisturized her skin within 2 weeks of usage. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Dana DeC.

The shop is very calming and relaxing. Candy is very knowledgeable and friendly. It was a pleasure shopping there.
Richard G.

Fabulous owners and amazing products!!!!  I especially love the deodorant.  It holds up WAY better than any other deodorant that I have ever used...Suave, Dove, Toms, Degree, you name it - I have tried them all.  Best deodorant out there!
Jennifer A.

I can't say enough about your products. Since i was a child I have had moderate to severe eczema, and i have tried everything to sooth the itch even going as far as bathing in baby oil (which made a mess and not easy to clean). i have used tea tree oil in the past but it's not easy to find. When i partner introduced me to this site i was doubtful but i ordered the gentle soup, shampoo and after shower extra moisturizing cream and WOW!!! My skin has never felt or looked better and the itch has subsided. Thank You, Thank You Thank You!
Jeffrey C.

I brought the product for my grandson who has eczema and they worked wonderful. My daughter said his skin was not scratchy after a couple of days of using it. So thank you very much for finding or making these products that help everyone.
Maria M.

I first saw GSL Organics on the news, and when I saw they have a cream for Eczema i had to try it. I have been battling severe eczema for a couple of years now and everything i have tried has not worked. I have been using this cream and the tea tree soap for a few days now and i already see a little improvement. I would highly recommended! I am also trying some of the diet advice for eczema you offered on your website...I can't thank you enough!!!

Your customer service is wonderful. It took less than 3 days to get the products after ordering.Too soon to tell how the products are working, but they smell good (soap) and the creams soak in quickly, not oily or sticky.

Candy is fantastic! Very helpful and very thorough when explaining the products and the needs that best suited my daughter, who has a mild form if eczema. We'll be back for sure!
Casey C.

Candy, you are absolutely fantastic! I feel like you genuinely cared about my skin condition and wanted to help me. Thank you for starting this wonderful company. Best wishes for longevity in all you aspirations.
- Nissa

Fast service and am loving the products:)
Donna C.

Love the products. I have bad eczema and have tried almost everything. I bought the Eczema kit and it has helped me get my skin under control. The customer service is excellent. My order missed some items I ordered and they were shipped to me that day. I had the items before I even knew they responded to my email. Great company with fabulous products!!!
Cyndy G.

I've had lsoiasis and neuodeitis for 60 plus years my skin very sensitive. I just bought and started using the After Shower Moisturizer for eczema & psoriasis and love its creamy balm and fresh no scent. Skin is reacting positively and if continues will be customer for life. And will share with friends. Btw I am going thru chemo for stage 4 terminal carcenoma and you can imagine how the drugs effect our skin and bald little scalps. Any other product recommendation from GSL team welcomed.
Best to all Susan

great, I saw Candy on the news and had to call her, I had psorioras since I was 13 and I'm I my 50's, luckily I only have it on my arms, but hiding it with long sleeves at all time, I HATE IT and tried everything, so I hope the cream and soap make it disappear.
Sharon D.

Great service and great products! Love the After Shower Moisturizing Cream! Really liked the info card provided too.
Susan G.

Very warm and inviting . The owner took her time to discuss her products and provide samples. Would definitely recommend .
Antonia W.

Candy- I love the products I ordered! I look forward to using them each day. 
My mom lives in warminster PA and heard about your products on a local news story. 
We are moving to PA this summer and have a list of towns to check out. Do you enjoy Lansdale?
Thank you for sharing your products. So wonderful!
Kate V.

Always a pleasure to go to Green Street Luxuries. A warm and inviting atmosphere and the staff is friendly and helpful. Wish I could hang out there all day.
Stacie M.

As always, I enjoyed my visit at Green Street Luxuries. It is a very cheerful atmosphere and smells so good :-) I bought a few products including their soap which I love.
Roseanne L.

Very helpful! The owner took the time to show me samples and discuss the skin issues I was looking to address.
Antonia W.

Received my two items yesterday. Began using them this morning. They feel good and smell good.
Too soon to tell if they work.
Jay H.

Very informative and a very good experience. I intend to try the product and return to buy more. I have a problem with eczema and there is a specific product for that. The owner was welcoming and warm a very nice experience.
Maria D.

I love GSL skin products! They're very effective and long lasting, I only need to use a little at a time. I feel comfortable using these products because of their pure and organic ingredients. Customer service is great, Candy is very knowledgeable, pleasant, and friendly.
Carolyn D.

  I visited the shop to help find a relief for on going eczema & psoriasis . I've been on numerous steroid creams with only temporary relief. Candy & her staff came right over to greet me when I entered the shop. Immediately I felt welcome between the friendliness & the delightful aromas I knew I had come to a great place. I left the shop with calendula soap & a wonderful after shower moisture cream & much information about specific foods to avoid. I tried the products as soon as I got home & was delighted how calming my skin felt. I'm looking forward to much improvement in the next few weeks. Thanks for your help, Eileen. (Looking forward to planning a facial at your shop ) 
Eileen F.

Customer Service, Environment, Wait Time, Quality, Just about as perfect as it gets! You know what you're doing. I will let you know how I make out with the After Shower Extra Moisturizing Cream and the Itch NO More. Thank you so very much. Linda”

Such care and attention to each and every customer I look forward to my regular visits for my massage with Laura and to pick up products from the shop. Specially looooooooooove the shampoo. Do not and have not found a comparison to this one !
Faye C.

Stopped in today looking for help with my 9 month old's eczema. They were so helpful and gave lots of great suggestions that went beyond just their products. Very friendly and knowledgeable!
Julie B.

Very accommodating and friendly, I was half an hour late for my appointment and they still made me feel relaxed and that we had all the time in the world. Lia was very thorough in explaining why she was using certain products and how they can help my skin. Everything is homemade by Candy, which I love.
Danielle K.

The people who work there are very friendly and the store has great products! I can't wait to try some spa services soon.
Barbara R.

Candy! You are amazing and the products are wonderful!!! An honor and pleasure to meet you.
Alicia Vitarelli, Journalist - FYI Philly

Love the experience every time I visit your shop. The people are very helpful and extremely friendly. The place looks very inviting and warm.
Richard B.

Stopped in today looking for help with my 9 month old's eczema. They were so helpful and gave lots of great suggestions that went beyond just their products. Very friendly and knowledgeable!
Julie B.

Going to GSLuxuries was like entering into a sanctuary. Everything about it was well thought out and luxurious. Customer service was the prime focus of all personnel, especially Candy, the owner. I love all the natural products and look forward to using them for all of my personal care needs. Annie, my reflexologist, and Lia, my esthetician, were both professional and caring and intuitive about my needs. Thank you, GSL!
Donna B.

Linda Sue was wonderful! This was my first reflexology experience and I immediately saw improvement in my sleeping and stress levels! I also purchased the after shower cream for extremely dry skin which has done wonders for my dry hands.
Tracey W.

Candy was so helpful and friendly. This is my first time purchasing products from her store and I will most certainly be back! Great customer service and great products!
Deanna L.

Organic Healing Skincare. Healthy Skincare. Clean Skincare.

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