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Rosacea is like a dry form of Acne, it covers your face like a mask.  The main culprit of Rosacea is diet, yup you diet is causing the inflammation.  You may notice if you have a drink, or something sweet or a lot of bread/pasta, you will all of the sudden have this dry, hot rash on your face.  Medications just put a bandaid on the issue.  Using gentle moisturizing products will help soothe the symptoms and using a " SUN BLOCK" is a must if you are going outside.  


These GSL products will help relieve the symptom of Roscea and when used as directed will keep your skin hydrated and less red looking.


Wash twice a day with our Shea Butter Face Soap, followed by our Day Face Lotion in the morning  and our Whipped Healing Night Cream in the evening. 


We recommend a "Mineral" Sun Block and we love this company:

"Love Sun Body"


Purchase all three product to start or maintain your skin wellness.


1 Bar of Shea Butter Face Soap

1 Bottle of Day Face Lotion

1 Jar of Whipped Healing Night Cream


Each purchase comes with our "Rosacea" care card with instructions on how to help prevent Roscea symptoms.  


SKU : RosSkin
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