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Getting older and our lackluster skin is now showing all the years of loving the beach and outdoors in our younger years and not always using the proper sun protection. It now shows discoloration and those brown sun spots.  Hey, it took so many years to grow them from 7 skin layers down.  We can help by using nature's own ingredients and only if you are willing to do your due diligence.  Our GSL products will help lessen the look of discoloration and sun spots and get your lackluster skin healthier and radiant. 


All of these products were made for discoloration and sun damage concerns and when used as directed you will start seeing improvement in about two weeks or less.  We strongly suggest taking a picture or two of the area of concern before starting and again in a few weeks.  You will see a significant difference only if you put some pampering time for your skin wellness. 


Wash twice a day with our Shea Butter Face Soap, followed by our Stunning Day & Night Serum (this is an important step to help lighten the skin)  twice a day, but especially at night when our body goes into healing mode and then we need to add a moisturizer twice a day (this step should never be disregarded) EmuC  Repair

Three to up to five times a week, wash with our Exfoliance Radiance (This is the most important step in this routine) instead of the Shea Butter Face Soap - but be sure to wash with Shea Butter face soap the second time per day.


Purchase all four products to start or maintain your skin wellness.


1 Bar of Shea Butter Face Soap

1 - 2 oz Bottle of Stunning Day & Night Serum

1 Jar oCC Vitamin C Cream

1 - 8 oz Bottle of Exfoliance Radiance


Each purchase comes with our "Anti Aging" care card with instructions on how to help prevent some ageing concerne Radiances as well as lesson the look of ageing skin.

Discoloration, SunSpots

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